Loveshake was founded in February 2010!

Hello and welcome to the loveshake website, thank you very much for paying us a visit.

If you have already paid us a visit to Loveshake then we would sincerely like to thank you for all your support over the last year. We have put a lot of hard work into improving every aspect of our thickshakes, hot chocolates and smoothies (wacky inventions included!) our very own Teri would NOT recommend a hot chocolate made with skittles!!! Big mistake! But we now honestly think you cannot find a better shake any place else! We hope you continue to visit us and try every flavour that is available to you.

If you have not paid us a visit!!? Then ask yourself these questions....

Have you ever tried a sugar puff shake?? No?? Not even a wham bar one?? Well get yourself to Loveshake and all of your shake dreams will come true. At Loveshake we blend any chocolate bar, biscuit, cereal and sweet into a delicious and refreshing thickshake.

Our flavours range from the wonderful to the weird and we don’t just stop there! With our fabulous hot chocolates and delicious tooty fruity smoothies, we guarantee that you will be overwhelmed with the taste of heaven in no time! Also (and this is the big one) with all of the love we put into these drinks you are bound to keep coming back for more.